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Ghostman Wayne: Please stop doing that to the buttons
Gary Zhou: U have very pretty feet
Eric Kirkland: Do you know anything about 38 special cartridges with a copper casing from say 1945?
ever: yea lol ull hear the diff big time r1 sound more mean i swear 2 god it does
cienciacle: impressionante!
Trevor Riggs: why is the background of the stage giygasish?
david wainwright: now at 85 hour after replacing the solenoid at the shop. the new one is acting up, and now the Deck is warped, cutting 2 - 1/2 inches lower on the left then the right. So i had to raise the left adjuster up and the deck wheel. it's not john deere, it should be called "DEERE JOHN" WE JUST SCREWED YOU, THANKS FOR 1500.00 DOLLARS SUCKER! . Don't waste your money on this name.