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ballomni: Sounds like a battery on the board. You can find that out by booting it up in the "D" mode. Your not using a fraction of the power of it.
jinxmaster1: you know they're Russian when they make snowballs barehanded
madcat789: Wow, this has helped.
Kayne Jay: subscriber earned!
nev1984: Yay! someone on YouTube that legit has the same texture as me. I just finished blow drying my hair using the tenting method, it looks almost exactly like yours. Thx for posting. I'm susceibing!
magildeny: there aren't that many places to meet in Riverside??? Whaaaaaatttt????
Toby James: Great film. Rarely has one needed subtitles for a non-British audience more, or had as much palatable (natural) use of swearing. I agree in part with Keefu about the last 10 mins, but it did express the lad's mental state pretty well. And the shot of the horses eye somehow enhances that and makes a terrific last image,.(I thought)