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Tom L: Where did the custom backglass come from?
Muilisx: Never understood logos but nice windscreen and nice exhaust choice
Jack Krauser: but hit the throttle, you stupid cunt!
Cool Lemon: I have just one question.. Does your editing software can be use lifetime??
Turklarisha: I got the app today and I have 19 energy I need 30 to get to level 3 ...
Scott Johnson: The width of my feet feel kind of to snug but the heel feels fine with an 11.5 d skate. I don't know if it will break in or should I get a 11.5 EE skate? Then I heard if you do that the skate is bigger than the supremes. Not sure what to do because it feels great with the heel but the sides feel kind of snug where I don't know if this will kill my feet. Tried them warming up in the oven still feels tight on the sides of feet. I felt like this fit the best out of all the skates I tried on. Any suggestions for me?
David Smith: Can u change the wheels on the Vulcan