OSET- Jumps & Stunts

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DUKz: What model is it ?

Symbols: where are those jumps!!!

Dustybigpants: Flippin heck I bet the guys who built those jumps are well pissed with you riding them

matt S: What size Oset is the adult riding?  And how much does he weigh/height?  I want one for my back yard, but I am at 6'3" and 200lbs, so I might be a little big.  

0zwald Wintterbottom III: its a 16

Seder Martin: What size bike is the older man riding im thinking about getting one but don't know what size? is he riding a 20.0? or 16.0?

Dylan Delisi: i paid $1550 for my 03 kx125

Thomas Marici: u r limies

Gregory Gardiner: 0:57, ouch!

bliephoofd: whats the difference of a thing like that or a crf50 only the weight

sfxwheels: our owen rode the new model today at the nec motorcycle trade expo ,,,, top marks ,,, cheers chap

TrollMaster300: you should teach him how to ride a dirt bike now preferably a 2 stroke

Shay Boote: skills

aidan jepps: dear santa...

Richard Hilverts: Damn, he's good!

shaddoracer: what kills me is this kid has more talent in his 9 year old pinky than I could ever hope to have

Alice Friedman: Soooo fantastic and impressive. Go Oliver, you are gifted and you will go very far in the trials world!! By the way, you have a huge fan here (his name is Owen and he is 4!!) he watches you at least once a week on YouTube so keep the videos coming :). He had the 12.5 which is now his 2 year old brother's and he now rides the 16 ... which he calls his "Oliver Smith Moto" lol! We're on YouTube as well ;)

finnigan102: Great stuff...so what's with the "works" red bike Oliver is riding in the garden? Come clean. Love the Factory Van by the way.

Michelle Bos: Oliver RoCkS!!!!!! I love seeing bob and Ella in the backgrond too :)
OSET- Jumps & Stunts 5 out of 5

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Alison Shaffer: The 25th was my birthday too!!! Twenty-six years young :)
Dead Pool: Love it😐😓
Юдия Казанцева: Посмотреть стоит .
Nani Mishel: I always watch this vid wen I was 8 year old n now im 11!!idk it was gonna be here still!!!
Allkindsofgains: phantom 3 looks significantly better imo
Cidera Dukuray: I love the craft ideas
Jonathan Domenech: The iPod Hi-Fi actually sounded amazing, but the price was just too high.  More expensive than some iPods that were available at the time.

OSET- Jumps & Stunts