Single Tube Nixie Clock - Time Request

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Single tube nixie clock - time request
Single tube nixie clock - time request
Single tube lethal nixie clock
Single tube lethal nixie clock
Single Tube Nixie Clock
Single Tube Nixie Clock

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haz939: Yes the tube can display digit 3, when connecting directly to ground.I've got a another PIC16F84 to try. thanks for the reply!

traxonja: Your PIC pin might be burned - it happened to me few times. You could try replacing the PIC microcontroller. Also check your soldering! Does digit 3 work at all? Did you try powering it up directly on the tube?

haz939: Hi, I've built this clock according to the schematic. But I used a 555 timer based power supply for the tube anode instead of the MC34063A one. It all works great!! But I cannot get digit 3 to light up on my nixie tube. I've tried replacing the MPSA42 transistor new resistor and wiring does not help. The PIC16F84 seems to be shorted to ground on digit 3 pin, no other digit pins are like this. You think this could be the problem? Thank You Kindly

LectronCircuits: Totally tubular, dude. Awesome!

MY2KSapphire: @traxonja i belive that some jewely boxes has metal inside the wood to so that might be it

RogueBotix: GOOD!!!

traxonja: @pixelpatter01 there is a current limiting resistor, and yes - the camera is not that good so it looks like it is glowing VERY VERY bright.

pixelpatter01: Maybe it's the camera, but those Nixies look like they are drawing way too much current. Do you do have a current limiting resistor? Nice interesting clock.

archiepops: Very clever! like that a lot! :)

Reggy Love: very nice :)

traxonja: @deemstyle I don't know much about wood, but this one is very very hard to work with. It took me some time to drill that hole for the tube.

deemstyle: @traxonja Darn... too bad you didn't know the species. I've been looking for a wood grain I like in different species for a nixie project I am working on. I really like the color/grain pattern in this box. Very nice!

traxonja: @deemstyle it is actually a wooden box for jewelery that I found around the house :)

deemstyle: Really nice clock! What species of wood is that?

Олег Вавринів: Good job!
Single tube nixie clock - time request 5 out of 5

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Single tube nixie clock - time request