How To Fix A Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start - DIY Car Repair With Scotty Kilmer

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Engine Cranks But Won't Start
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What to do if your Car won't Start
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Engine Cranks But Will Not Start

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Lonnie Burns: You are a life saver Scotty!

asdfghj123410: It was the fuse I change the fuel pump and then found out it was the fuse change the fuse half a day driving later the fuse blown again what's up with that now where do I go

God, Comics and Gaming: So spray it in the sensor hole? What's the name?

Louis DeCuzzi: Great Video having fun with trouble shooting basics

joelikesconverse: HI MY NAME IS BARRY SCOTT!!

circe801: okay. "fuel pump fuse"?? somehow, i've never seen one--i have, however, seen fuel pump RELAYS--and one needs know how to test a relay (NOT the same as looking at a fuse to see if it's blown), so, as i see it, you should have mentioned that, as this will stymie one who is trying to diagnose the problem. just sayin'...

Joshua H: Hey Scotty bought car while driving car died now when I turn the key the tempreture gauge bounces up and down for a couple seconds car cranks but won't start???

Herb Walker: 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan 6 cyl. 3.8 engine.
Car died on me while driving...just completely shut down,
NO previous problems with the car , other than a fuel pump a year ago-
Battery went dead trying to crank it--
replaced it the battery-

Now it will crank , but will not start.
The fuel pump inside the gas tank was replaced, it went out, about a year ago.
Any ideas?
Tired of Walking to the store :)
Thanks Herb

dorica alfred: Hi everyone,I have tha problem to,I change my pump,and the distributor and I change the sensor and he still hard to start I don’t know what to do next.

Anita Stahl: Finally, someone who gives you real solutions to car trouble. This is two thumbs up. Best video on this subject I've seen hands down
Keep doing what your doing Scotty.

Kade Hettrich: Yep starter solenoid fried replace starter. Fuel good. Mechanic said "no spark" Replaced crank. Nope still crank no start.( He hasn't, he wont check spark plugs why? Becaz he replaced them all three months ago (Replaced all wires too) thereby spark plugs good? Not necessarily) All three coils replaced. He said "no spark from coils" He says "no spark from coils could mean bad crank shaft position sensor which is a pain in arce to replace, not cheap either" I ask "shouldn't you be checking all the fuses AND relay AND sensor wire harnesses to avoid swaping out parts??" Mechanic says "no thats not necessary" fsst WHAT?? Then swap out parts just cost me bunch of $$ which is ridiculous. I cant afford that besides those parts that been swap prob good HOW WOULD YOU KNOW YOU DIDN'T CHECK TO SEE IF PART IS GOOD with voltmeter/test light" Wtf am I dealing with here? Everyone says " find a accredited mechanic he a wanna be mechanic"

Komoreng Fish: i drive gwm ,4Y i wash the engine no it doest not start plz any help

MVE12ALL: I dont know why i hate u!

David Sanchez: Oh yeah, Im definitely gonna do all that checking at 7:00 am right before work.

Flizzy Fliz: Man freak this, getting a new car.

Trinidad Carrillo: I have a issue with my ford 52 crestline when i try turn it on it does a sound grinding gears

Flex Luther: 2000 nissan frontier 2wd cranks but wont start?

Gregory Morris: Your the best. LOVE YOUR ENTHUSIASM....

Donald Trump: My 01 Honda civic 1.7 manual cranks but don't doesn't even start by pushstarting it
How to Fix a Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start - DIY Car Repair with Scotty Kilmer 5 out of 5

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How to Fix a Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start - DIY Car Repair with Scotty Kilmer