Star Firestar Pistols In 9mm, .40S&W, And .45acp

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Tonny Montana: whos in cali i have the 40 s w for sale

Roger Selover: Anybody looking for parts for these Firestars please check out GunBroker or eBay or if in a bind, Bob's Gun Shop online.
I have a email notice setup in GunBroker and eBay for "Firestar parts" and it is a rare day I don't get a email concerning a new listing.

jon doe: best gun Waz ever made

Hill Shepherd: ?????????????????????????????

Hill Shepherd: Where the heck can I get one. 9mm

TheManYouNeedToBe: Love mine, purchased new, today it would be 1200 bucks.

washburn road: 9mm vs .40 - I keep the .40.

Macu Mendoza: How much did they cost back in the day?

Jesse Taylor: I have a starfireM43 9mm that the trigger bar or sear bar are broken and I can't find no body that sells parts for this gun?

todd8dogs: It's not chrome or nickel... it's stainless.

Andrew Poronto: same gun Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman) used in Kill Bill

Daniel Battle: I have the 40 cal and I love it perfect for carrying.

Alan Reanoud: Love your collection as i have the Star-45 acp that i carry in a paddle holster on my back and i have never had any issues with it at all so i am looking forward to having a full set like you have.

0816relo: 1991 Guns and Ammo Gun of the Year
9mm M43 and .40 S&W M40 slides and barrels, magazines will interchange (use correct recoil spring!)
Starvel finish is Star's name for Electroless Nickel, not chrome but it is VERY durable.
Excellent pistols! Rugged and accurate!

frick poo: great vid. these are nice

Defender of Israel: I had one. It broke. There is a reason they went out of business. Cheap POS

Kori Randall: I have the 45 firestar and the pin that holds the slide is stuck. How do I fix it i can't get it apart

Donell Fyall: Hey sir sorry to bother you again I was hope you could disassemble your star fire 40 cal and put it up I'm trying to get to my firing pin thanks

Rick Foley: I bought one of the 45 in blue when it came out and carried it for years. I sold it to a friend because I wanted the p 12 which was a piece of junk. I ended up buying the gun back from my friend and carried it for a few more years till I switched to the glock 27. I still have the firestar and keep it as a backup gun. It is heavy but that makes it a lot more pleasurable to shoot than say the AMC backup which is just no fun to shoot.

alwyslrng nill: Yep, I really like these little Stars also.  I have 2 43s and a 45.  So I am looking to trade one of the 43s for a 40 if I can.  If not I will just buy the 40 when it comes along and is priced reasonably.  I also own several of the B, BS and BM models.  While many will bad talk these guns I suspect that they have not had much experience with them.  Nuff said!
Star Firestar pistols in 9mm, .40S&W, and .45acp 5 out of 5

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Tonny Montana: whos in cali i have the 40 s w for sale
Mangle: they are going to kiss next
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Acekrash: Keith, if you still have that pedal and want it fixed, I can probably rebuild it if you send it to me.
Chelsea Wallace: what would cause mt receiver to be in protection mode?
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Star Firestar pistols in 9mm, .40S&W, and .45acp