DIY Headlight Polish And Restore Using An EK 1999-2000 Honda Civic Sedan

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Headlight Restoration on a Honda Civic. (how to clean headlights)
Headlight Restoration on a Honda Civic. (how to clean headlights)
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J.Olliee Mann: can this work on an 03?

Infiniti09: Would of been better if there was a before and after.

Vicente Francés: Not bad but it looks like a lot of work. You get same results by applying Mosquito repellent with 40% deet. Let it dry to a haze and then use a soft cloth to wipe. Viola done. I think it is also less expensive.

Muhammad Hamza Sheikh: brilliant job boys

batboy fuentes: This is for john Clark by the looks of your picture you can tell your a lazy freak!!!!! Quit hating!

Norman Hudecz: great job

Ken Thirakoune: Guys stop hating on them they simply did this to help others out not the haters and this is a great method to make money on for anyone in need of restoring their headlights and that don't want to pay for new ones cause all cars are different in price range for head lights.

RunninBearPoo: OH!!!! BUFF EM!!!!!!

Ihavenoname: change that y7 intake manifold to y8 auto intake manifold. trust me it'll worth it. its not the looks but it adds power. y8 intake manifold flows better than y7.

monty cash: this can be done to any lights right ? i got a jeep liberty that i want to fix the hazy lense

ToxicFiles: Slenderman on headlight 6:20

Charlie sw9ve: Thanks for the video now I know how on my civic.

Alex Winegarden: What kind of induction is that?

mylifeisJDM: Not necessary

Bianconeri Zukić: just put more freaking polish on it ....

sonny Godly: I know you put wax on ,but there is a clear you can get at walmart that protects the uv lite from sun and keeps them from collecting dirt again that dulls them.That clear is only 5 dollars

Bruce W: Not in Brazil. This video was very helpful. I will determine if I can do this to my headlights to improve the value as I need to sell my car.

mylifeisJDM: Where at? That sounds like an awesome deal.

john clark: just so you know you can buy 2 brand new oem replacements for $68 with shipping

Th1zzardOfOz: lol, thats awesome. I am from Delhi, Ca. I seen your guys post on
DIY Headlight polish and restore using an EK 1999-2000 Honda Civic Sedan 5 out of 5

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DIY Headlight polish and restore using an EK 1999-2000 Honda Civic Sedan