NC State: Metal Foam Obliterates Bullets

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Kobe Rosenberg: Is there a way to find this material?


PsyloSatan: Can you make ammo out of the foam?  It would be interesting to see a shotgun blast of foam pellets against the armor, for example.

Rolex R: give me back my 13 sec. of life !

PasteurizedPizza: ..

Michael Small: Of what material is the bullet made? Its velocity? Weight?

boomchacle: I somehow doubt that this is actually metal foam

csknives2140: Her silly metal foam isnt doing the job of turning the bullet to dust, thats the ceramic plate in front of it that damages the bullet. She should stop trying to deceive people.

Christian Krippenstapel: What kind of metal composite foam is it? Tungsten carbide?

Free Age Music: Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, king of kings forever. Check out Still Small Voice on youtube...

msumungo: I did read the paper. There was ceramic boron carbide layer as a face plate, fine pore metal foam layer manufactured with powder metal method, and a solid 7075 aluminium back plate.
These guys here were actually studying the same as everyone else; how to make the same ballistic protection with less weight per square meter. Did not matter how thick it is or how much it costs.

kaue gamer 13: wooowww

Light 1988: this is a gamechanger. Nothing will ever be the same once this product hits mass production and commercial markets.

KatanaBart: If this video were way better it could be upgraded to "fake". As best as one can tell from the lousy quality, it seems that the bullet begins to disintegrate before hitting. Also, if you want a bullet to turn to dust on impact you'll need a bullet that's made of compressed powder hitting an insanely hard surface. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what will happen when you shoot an "armor piercing" round into any kind of foam, metal or otherwise.

drouu: seriously need a better HFR camera.

Aidan keogh: If it was in body armour, could you stop the shards of the shattered bullet from spraying up into the face of the person wearing it?

Crusty Pete's Day Old Meat Platter: This is great! But I tell you something, with incredibly durable automated cars, highly developed supercomputers with neural networking and this bulletproof substance, the real world has him outclassed.

Tox Laximus: You can get better results by not making guns and bullets in the first place, treat the cause not the symptom.

dorpth: Sure it's tough against physical bullets, but the drawback is it makes the wearer take +80% damage from energy and psychic based attacks.

Harshal Patil: Right outta science fiction
NC State: Metal Foam Obliterates Bullets 5 out of 5

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Kobe Rosenberg: Is there a way to find this material?
runningwolfkenpo: This video would be better if there was just one of you and not constantly cracking jokes. Also, slow down.
rcBlackFalcon: SAFETY ---"The condition of being safe; freedom from danger, risk, or injury." You have no idea about what you are doing
Galactus LIMBO: Where did u buy it
Maryann D: I enjoy Danimals myself!  I want to try this!  Super video.
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Brenen Griffith: I love that they know when they are going to high five

NC State: Metal Foam Obliterates Bullets