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evand848: looks like a blackthroat monitor, maybe a big savanna
palpatine1975: Hi when the torque wrench is set at neutral, the head of the wrench is loose with some play. Is this normal?
ComCake: es tor no zor
nasaeepandai59: I agree with you :)
MIKE GARCIA: small tamales.....homemade are better....we dont make home made tamales for profit..lol
Dave Contarino: Just saw this review now. I've been using the Cloud AV Beta for a couple months now and really like it. As a techie, I'd like more options but I would not hesitate to install this on my 70 year old dad's PC. I've tried just about every A-V product on the market in the past two years and while I generally have no infection issues, what is very important to me are web site ratings and malicious url blocking. With regards to those, Mcafee beats all others, hand down. The Site/WebAdvisor product is outstanding - blows away the competition (Bitdefender, Norton, Avast, Avira browser plugin, Panda's Yahoo toolbar, etc). I would personally use McAfee's paid Anti Virus Plus, if it were not for the 250MB of memory being used at idle (which is insanely high; interestingly, Bitdefender's paid options use about the same amount!). McAfee has come a long way in the past few years. Kind of like Norton's turnaround in 2009.

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