S&W SD40VE Handgun Review

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Robert Lamadrid: a lot to say for only running 20 rounds....

Johnny Fuller: I have a sd9ve I want the 40 , I have shot a glock but it not my cup of tea , why buy a glock when you can get 2 handguns for the price of 1 glock thank about it.

socc69: It's not a Glock. It's a S&W. For $240 used. You can't go wrong. it does have better sights and does hold one more round in the mag than the G23. I would still say the Glock 22 & 23 are the better guns. but at $589 new for the Gen 4 glock and $339 for a new S&W SD40VE you can't go wrong with the SD40

Jason Winn: "I've got one and I am very confident that it can ghost the bad guys in fine style!"

steve graham: I have the same gun here in California, another communist state with 10rd mags. Good accurate video, love my SD.

John Hancock: I put a hundred rounds through mine just last week and out of those a hundred rounds, only one bullet got kinda stuck. I don't know what caused it, but I think it was probably something to do with the bullet itself. But otherwise, it shoots like a DREAM

MAYME AND MARGO DREAM S INC: that is so sexy justice I'm ready to pick you up

Paul Brooks: After 2000 rounds and religious cleaning and maintainence, That trigger has Really 'loosened' up and the accuracy with a Pachmeyer grip makes this gun awesome. I really don't need that Apex trigger kit at all !

Butters Da Baller: ".. you're not getting the quality of a glock, but the function and form and all that are identical." this this the crap that pisses me off about glock fanboys. IF IT WORKS AND FEELS THE SAME FOR $200 LESS, THEN GLOCK IS A freakING RIP OFF

Aaron Kirby: You sound like Marty Schwartz

Jared white: Any gun will go well beyond 40 yards to btw. If you can't hit anything out that far you need practice.

Jared white: Have to press the trigger to make it fire. Thank you I wasn't sure. ;)

Felix Valenzuela: Thank you for the review . I just bought one. I gotta wait my 10 days here in Cali. Can't wait to put some rounds through it. Fits my hands nice, I was comparing the flock 22 with this, this felt better in my hand. Dang Cali and their mag cap.

pbruc brooks: The feel on this is really good. A bit 'snappy' with that trigger. i am thinking of an Apex triiger kit with that 8 pound pull. My life on it? YES. 

Leo Guy: My SD9VE is as accurate if not better then my Glock 19, just the weak part on the SD9VE is the factory 17 lb recoil guide rod assemble needs to be replaced with a metal 17 lb or 20 lb one. S&W pays Glock $9 for each SDVE pistol sold.

Amber Livermon: A glock dont have crap on this s&w sd40vr

Rusty Hostetler: Except I personally like how it feels much better than any glock I have fired ... somewhere someone used the term when handling a Glock it felt like a plastic 2x4 :)

roguesquatcher: "Less accurate than the glock " ..... my ass! I own both in .40 and the s&w holds its own just fine. Its very accurate and no issues with different types of ammo, even the bronze performed flawlessly. We regularly shoot at 50 yards and this gun will group as well or better than my over priced glock

MIKE: Nice video.
Glocks are over rated.
Smith and Wesson is a better product at the end of the day!

chris36max: Have this in the 9mm version. 500+ rounds through it, absolutely no problems or malfunctions (except the front sight dot fell out at about the 200 round mark, easily fixed with model paint). Been looking for a larger caliber handgun, considering the .40 cal version.
S&W SD40VE handgun review 5 out of 5

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S&W SD40VE handgun review